Zak Spade's Experience with

The Vet Clinic, Leighton Buzzard

I own dogs. From time to time, one will need to be taken to the Vet. It is part of pet ownership and a cost that just has to be borne.

Over the years I took all my dogs there. The initial reason was because I lived around the corner from the place. However, I moved further afield but still took my dogs there.

The place changed hands and there was a slight change, in my opinion. It used to be a place that looked after people's pets - and made money in the process. It became a place that made money - and administered to people's pets in the process. A subtle distinction.

Eventually, after what seemed to be an endless course of treatment to cure one of my dogs of ear pain, I received a letter from a debt collection agency. The Vet Clinic had instructed them to recover £61 from me.

Naturally I enquired into the matter because the agency had added their own costs on top and the actual bill was for more than the £61. It turned out that The Vet Clinic had an outstanding bill for me and they claim to have written to me THREE times and received no reply. One letter going astray I can understand. Two letters I find somewhat unlikely. Three letters are unbelievable.

I confirmed they had the correct postal address on record. They did. They insisted they had made every possible effort to contact me before placing the debt into the hands of a debt collection agency.

Now, when considering that they had the correct postal address, mobile telephone number, landline number and an email address - and I had received nothing on any of them - I am left supposing that either someone at the practice is a liar, or they possess a database which is either ill-managed or unreliable.

I have no issue with paying bills, but when someone lies to me (whether because they are liars, or they rely on erroneous information), I become annoyed. I advised them that I would speak to fellow dog walkers and tell them of my experience. Then I would tot up the number who either expressed an intention to never use the place or (better) cancelled appointments. I informed them after three months of the two dozen I had actively dissuaded using them and the three who cancelled actual appointments.

I don't know the figures, but I'll take a guess and say that the £61 they were careless over has cost them far more in terms of lost business.

Follow the link at your own risk to these people.

6 August 2021