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Computacenter stuff (my past employer - and managed by a bunch of monkeys).  I endlessly told those responsible for the website that it didn't work properly with any other browser other than Internet Explorer.  If you have problems - tell them.

One of my better decisions in life, the day I resigned from Computacenter. Fun, as well. They didn't want to accept my resignation because I named individuals who were either sleeping with someone else and receiving favours, or smoking together and had managers' ears.

So I did a deal. I'd resubmit my resignation, with names removed, and they would let me go immediately with a month's pay. If not, my resignation would stand as originally submitted.

They backed down - was the guy I submitted my resignation to hiding a few 'indiscretions' as well?

I'm happy to post a correction should someone from Computacenter provide me with an explanation for their decision.


28 July 2021