The Writing of
Zak Spade


Old Skool
Circumstances conspired against dry January
Will we be charged more for eco packaging?
Darwin has a barking mad tale absolutely packed with bytes
Holiday Woes
The burning question is why park ignorantly?
Are you sure you know the price of milk?
Electric cars aren't as eco friendly as you think
How disappointing that television sets do not taste like a chicken treat
Certainly not green with envy over festivities
Panic buying will have a knock-on effect
The Blob
The sound of silence makes for a strange experience
Everything is strange - and I don't like it!
Electric delivery vans are on the rise - but why?
The Door
When is a trial not a trial?
Things are quiet these days - but not silent
Some are twisting words to justify flouting restrictions
Gardening seems to be a bloomin' stupid kind of pastime to me
As technology becomes smarter I need to become more inventive
Darwin and the rubber ball
Using a cat flap is so demeaning
A lack of joined up thinking in local policy
Eye Off the Ball
We have introduced a plan to battle against surveillance
The spiders never answer my questions
Rubber Ball
I never thought my nemesis would be a dog!

27 March 2023