Zak Spade's

Darwin and the rubber ball

Local newspaper, July 2020
as Darwin Beagle ("Darwin and the Rubber Ball")

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We beagles are considered to be very well mannered and excellent around children and other pets. And polite. And cultured. And modest.

My owner says that we shed hair. “like it is going out of fashion and make the likes of Labradors look like bald-headed monks by comparison.” He took a brush to me the other day and a ball of my hair as big as my friend, Finn Westipoo, ended up sitting beside me, and that was just from my back…

The other thing we have is tremendous bite power. Give me a filled bone and I will chew and crack it open to get to the filling. Meanwhile my other friend, Bonnie Cockapoo, chases her bone across the floor as it gets pushed about instead. Meanwhile, Finn seems to try and crawl inside his.

It’s my ability to crunch things so effectively that makes my owner wary of giving me a ball. I am a great retriever, but it’s not something that beagles are known for, so it means I’m a really special beagle. However, once I take it back to my owner, he takes it from me immediately. He knows that if I am allowed to nibble and chew a tennis ball for even half a minute, I will destroy it. The result is that none of the three dogs in my household get balls to play with as none make it past me!

That said, recently we were given some different balls to play with. These ones are not soft and furry like tennis balls. Nor are they hard and plastic because, if they were I would break them even quicker! No, these are neither hard nor soft. They are ‘hardy soft’ although the word my owner uses is ‘solid rubber.’

I mark them, but I don’t seem able to get a good grip on them. The other thing about them is that they have little bells inside. So, if I drop one, Finn comes running over and steals it from me. If I drop another, he comes over and steals that one while Bonnie steals the other that he left behind to steal mine…

So far I’ve not been able to destroy any of them. There are two reasons for that. The first is that they tend to end up in Finn’s ‘nest’ and I’m not allowed to take anything from there because he growls at me if I try. And secondly, they are just so tricky!

My nightmare is being given a rubber bone filled with chicken treats and never being able to get to them!

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