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As technology becomes smarter I need to become more inventive

Local newspaper, July 2020
as Jago Phillips ("Uncivil Liberties")

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Something I take pride in is flying under the radar. The way I see it, if Big Brother can’t see me, then there is no one to stop me living my life in peace. However, as technology becomes smarter I need to become more inventive.

I don’t own a TV and so used to stand outside hi-fi shops and use a stethoscope against the window, but the shops I frequented took to muting their television sets. Coronavirus made it just about impossible to find even a single outlet that hadn’t adopted the same idea because all had been forced to close, thus taking away my entertainment.

Walking around town with stethoscope about my neck was attracting attention when there were far fewer people about. In these days of greater movement of the citizens of Leighton Buzzard it looks normal. Or is that just me?

The reason for not owning a television set? Well, it isn’t just those marketed as ‘smart televisions’ that listen to everything said in the home. No, THEY install listening bugs in all home entertainment devices so as to be able to listen in on the mood of the nation. How else do you think THEY know that X million watched this, that or the other on any particular evening?

Regardless, things are changing as a result of coronavirus. THEY expect me to eventually download and install an ‘app’ to my mobile phone. The claim is that it will allow it to be determined whether I have been near to someone infected and possibly exposed to risk. However, all my tinfoil hat wearing friends know that it is merely a way that THEY can trace all our movements.

I don’t own a mobile phone, so yah boo! Mind you, if a law is passed making it illegal to not own a mobile phone, even then I won’t suffer because I have a plan.

Should it become a legal requirement to buy, own and keep a mobile phone on you at all times (it seems to be an unspoken law already!) AND be legally compelled to run their app, then I will use an empty biscuit tin as a phone case. Enclosure within will render it impossible to send or receive a signal, and so while I comply with any law, it will be ineffective in stopping me becoming part of the herd being tracked.

As the great Mel Gibson once screamed, “THEY may take our lives, but THEY’ll never take our freedom!!!

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