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Some are twisting words to justify flouting restrictions

Local newspaper, April 2020
as Jago Phillips ("War of the Words")

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H.G. Wells knew something, didn't he? His ‘War of the Worlds’ was a real shocker! There were aliens possessing far superior technology than Humanity, but they were ultimately defeated by a mere microbe!

Now it's the other way around. Aliens are preparing the Earth for invasion by weakening our defences through the introduction of a virus. Once they feel we have been softened up enough they will invade and we will have to get used to seeing alien storm troopers everywhere. Leighton Buzzard might never be the same again!

Or does everyone in our area have a rebellious streak that would go towards their defeat?

With the easing of certain parts of the lockdown has come a rebellion. Respecting social health is no bad thing. Unfortunately, some have viewed the easing as a signal to drop all caution. You know the sort: the car driver who stops on red and starts off again the second it winks out, well in advance of the green, and to blazes with anyone coming the other way who ignores amber lights like they do!

And how do those who flout restrictions justify their actions? Simple, they pick over the words that have been used to announce their lessening and interpret them in a manner worthy of any backstreet lawyer.

The karaoke street singers doing the rounds don’t attract gatherings exceeding two persons. No, they are merely a gathering of ONE who is more than two metres away from the next person. Besides, they claim to be brightening up people’s lives (although not the businesses that have been required to shut down).

Why bother avoiding groups now? The schools are opening shortly, and apparently everyone knows ALL infections are transmitted via schools.

The other argument is that the restrictions make no sense. Why is year six returning? THEY say it prepares children for their move up to their new school. Er, try explaining that to the teachers and parents in this area where moving up is at the end of years four and eight.

Consequently the words used have become worthless to those determined to seek reasons to avoid taking part in precautions that are designed to protect our NHS and the lives of the vulnerable.

The war of the words is being lost as those unwilling to respect society deem such words to be meaningless. Maybe H. G. Wells saw this one coming, but I don’t see how being overwhelmed by a virus will rescue Humanity.

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