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Anyone Got a Ladder?

 Published in a local newspaper October 2011 as:
Decisions, decisions on whose authority?
by Phil J. O'Hara

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So, the people of the area are sickened by an apparently sudden and unanticipated axing of a community hospital for the Leighton-Linslade area.

Given the straitened times we find ourselves in, the fiscal plug was pulled. Just another decision made by a group of decision makers on behalf of the citizens of this area.

I see there are plans for a huge number of houses to be built in the area; some of it on green areas.

Developers don’t just stick a pin in a map and say, “We’ll build here!” It might sometimes seem that way, but developers have to approach the local authorities for permission before they can build.

Would that be the same class of decision makers claiming building a community hospital is no longer economically viable?

Maybe such decision makers wish to encourage newcomers to come into the area of Leighton-Linslade to be then woefully treated alongside those of us already suffering if they become ill.

A fire in a flat last week in Leighton is thought to have been started by a faulty tumble drier. A brigade spokesman said, “Appliances should never be left unattended.”

Good advice.

However, a combination of the British Summer and having to travel and wait for a healthcare specialist due to under provision of resources, means it is often difficult to find enough time in the day.

Central Bedfordshire council have announced the closure of the Leighton Buzzard library cafe. It’s going to happen: the Rulers have decreed it. Their reason seems to vary a little depending on which way the wind is blowing, but whatever the reason, let us assume that the council have a good reason and that they are being fair about it.

In that spirit of fairness, I feel sure that they will be returning the newly purchased furniture in the cafe to whoever supplied it and we, the Taxpayers, will get our money back.

I suspect not.

UFOs over Leighton! Exciting and amazing and other superlatives! It reminds me of a spate of UFO sightings over nearby Bletchley in the recent past.

Reports came in from many residents and some said they could clearly see the occupants waving through the little spaceship windows. Then a Bletchley resident ‘fessed up that he had launched Chinese paper lanterns into the evening sky from a BBQ he was holding.

I’m sure that we have proper UFOs over this way. However, they might fly away and never come back when they realise what sort of decision making about the welfare of the citizens below them is taking place.

I’d like to finish on a high, but I’ve lost my ladder. I think it fell down one of the potholes in my street that seem invisible to the local authorities...

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