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Philip O'Hara
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General satisfaction
A soapbox from which to rant without being jeered at.

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I like to think that, from a technical perspective, my writing has improved over time. However, from the perspective of free time, my web-building time hasn't allowed for me to upload a fair selection of my material for that observation to be fairly made. So you'll just have to take my word for it...
In any case, all changes are for the better.
The postings are illustrative of a move towards a style I particularly like; that of a fictionalised account of a non fiction topic.  The biography of Copernicus, I feel, emphasises this trait most clearly, and it was intended to be one of a series of biographies (note: it is not legally possible to libel the dead - I checked).
I'd like to swap ideas more often with other aspiring writers.  However, those who I might feel comfortable with tend to share my own low-key profile; hence I don't get the opportunity to exchange ideas on techniques etc.
If you do want to discuss any aspects of writing; then email me.

19 August 2021