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Friday 21 January, 2022

Why not?


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Tuesday 11 January, 2022

X: the letter of mystery.

X marks the spot. Mr X. Chemical X. Quality X.

Now try the above while substituting the letter X with any of the others available.

Just about every word used in the English language which starts with the letter X, actually sounds as if started with a Z. Clearly, X exists only to confer the unknown upon a quality.

Ah, but what about X-ray? That is not a word starting with a Z sound.

In 1895, Wilhelm Röntgen accidentally discovered X-rays while experimenting and began studying them. He referred to the radiation as X, to indicate that it was an unknown type of radiation.


Who is up for starting a campaign to have spellings updated? The gas: Zenon, the musical instrument: zylophone, a person with a disliking or prejudiced against people from other countries: zenophobe.

That way we can keep the mystery and unknown as the sole quality of X.

Tuesday 4 January, 2022

How is W spelt? I know how it is said, but if I had to write it as pronounced, why would I start with a D?

At least D starts with a D...