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Monday 29 November, 2021

Back around 1981 I wrote a song called, Oh-oh!

If you don't remember it, or weren't born, then don’t worry. It never charted. Actually, it was never recorded. I still have the lyrics somewhere. It would be the work of a few minutes to reproduce them up here on my Blog.

Once I have dug them out.

Back soon.

Just a moment.

A search isn't proving fruitful. I know they are in a notebook. Faded blue cover. It was an old copybook from school which never saw more than a couple of page's use. So I repurposed it.

I can see the cover in my mind’s eye. The process of finding it has slowed as I wonder who first used that term, mind’s eye.

Thinking, thinking.

Finally! I recall that it was Shakespeare who popularised it by having Hamlet say the words to Horatio.

The trivia hasn't helped me find the notebook.

It has, however, caused my mind to wander and I then find myself thinking of another song; one that has the lines,
I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in,
And stops my mind from wandering,
Where it will go.

What was that song? Who performed it? The notebook can wait while I rack my brain for an answer. Then it comes to me: Fixing a Hole by The Beatles.

The biggest clue was in the remembered lyric. I should have realised sooner. The time wasted hasn't made it any easier to find the object of my search, and I still haven't found what I'm looking for amongst the pile of junk so far assembled.

Wasn't that a song? I suspect it was the group, U2 and I trawl through my music collection and come across, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For on the album, The Joshua Tree from 1987.

I now have a mixture of records, CDs and assorted notebooks and scraps of paper scattered across my desk. No one should have to be faced with trying to look through so much stuff just to find a tatty notebook with dubious content. It just isn't worth it.

Then it comes to me. I threw it out sometime in the early 2000s when it became obvious that it was increasingly difficult to find anything useful amongst the piles of obscure items which were threatening to swamp my life.



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Wednesday 24 November, 2021

N is the fourteenth letter of the alphabet. That means there are eleven letters between it and the letter Z.

I've never fully understood the sandwich boards carried by crazy old men because they never state which letter is being referenced. If they are starting at M then I get it. Likewise with O.

But not A or Z.

Of course, it all hinges upon an accepted letter order. I can't say I've ever read a rule that states that the alphabet has to be in the order it is generally spoken. Indeed, I've heard it recited in reverse to the accepted sequence.

However, if I accept the order as commonly used, then I have to question whether I have missed a reference to any particular letter. After all, when it is claimed the N is nigh, then I have to ask, “To which letter?”

Friday 19 November, 2021

Em, the shortening and friendly version of, Emma.

Or, to the lexicographers out there, the description of a type of dash used as punctuation. The em-dash as opposed to the en-dash.

The difference?

The length of the em-dash is that of the width of the letter ‘m’ while the en-dash length is the width of the letter ‘n’ and therefore shorter.

That's good to know at parties, especially if trying to chat up someone called Emma and you want to know her as Em. Or you are called Emma and despise being called Em at parties by people you don't know...

Tuesday 16 November, 2021

While I understand that some pop stars and celebrities favour single word names, I don't see how a single letter does anything other than just make it quicker to write their label.

The likes of Madonna, Louise, Cher, Eminem and Adele are but the tip of a very large iceberg of celebrity naming brevity.

While Sting denotes a man known for both music and acting, Oprah champions the non-singers. It is fairly easy to find celebrities who are in either or both camps. However, I found supermodels seemed a little less attuned towards the single word naming convention.

Then a supermodel turned up who doesn't just fit that scheme: she blows it out of the water by just using a single letter!

Yes, the Australian supermodel, L Macpherson.

Sunday 14 November, 2021

What is it with young people? In the Olden Days the polite response to, "How are you?" was, "I'm fine, thanks for asking," or something along those lines.

Then came the shortened reply, in keeping with the seemingly headlong rush towards everything being done immediately at little or the lowest cost achievable.


Note the lack of, "Thanks for asking."

But it didn't end there. No, the current crop of humanoids have decided that even that can be shortened in the quest for brevity and resource protection.

Now an inquiry after the wellbeing of another will illicit the response of, "K."

Mind you, those who reduce communication to single letters in the name of efficiency are still keen to buy water in plastic bottles.

Saturday 6 November, 2021

What is a blue jay? Is it a hyperlink in the form of the 10th letter of the alphabet?

I read that blue jays are known for their intelligence and I find it worrying. For certain, I don't like the idea of a hyperlink on a webpage being smart. The Internet and A.I. seem like a sinister idea to me...