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Pink Pig
Tuesday 12 May, 2020

When the coronavirus measures came in commercial flights over my house ceased.

For a while I wondered whether the nearby airport had closed, but it seemed not. However, nothing roared overhead.

Someone helpfully pointed me at a wonderful online tool that allowed me to track aeroplanes around the world. It told me their location, speed and height. I found it amazing.

When I read that a particular airline were starting up flights out of the local airport, I immediately set about tracking them so as to determine just how low they fly over my garden. Until now I only had my eyes and guesswork to say, and if I managed to obtain a figure I could then apply it to the really interesting things that fly overhead, like Spitfires, Hurricanes and so like.

It appears that the flight paths in and out of the airport were set to change at the time that the measures were put in place. The silence I experienced was more down to that than the number of airliners using the place. Now the numbers have increased there are still none to be seen over Zakspade Towers.

Brilliant online tool – just unfortunate timing.


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  Antisocial Distancing
Wednesday 6 May, 2020

Combining exercise with shopping for essentials has to be a good thing, right?

In my case, pop out for bread and cycle like fury and (hopefully) burn more calories than I end up eating.

Ah, sweet dreams!

Traffic has picked up along the road I use. Alongside it runs a footpath that is about eight feet wide. Imagine my thoughts yesterday when a chap walking with his back to the traffic shouts after me that I should have moved out into the road instead of passing so close to him!

He was walking adjacent to the road with a remaining seven feet of footpath to his side, and I wasn’t about to jink to my right and into the path of whatever was approaching from my rear.

I didn’t say anything as he was drunk, stupid, or delirious after living off a diet of toilet rolls for the last six weeks after filling overfilling his garage with ‘essential’ panic buying.

Society is very obviously doomed when people like that exist.