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Sunday 5 August, 2018

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I had anticipated the event for a while. That it was going to happen was beyond doubt, but precise timing was down to my whereabouts on the day, and I was pensive.

The butterflies in my tummy were very active, and I had the early part of the day to come to terms with something I felt was going to very colour my future relationship with both them and my girlfriend.

On the day, I was busy and needed to travel to her flat where she lived. The drive there took me about an hour through having to follow long snaking lines of traffic along narrow roads. Everyone needed to be somewhere.

Upon arrival, I parked up and found, my mind overwhelmed with thoughts as it seemed to try and examine each and every possible scenario that could play out once I entered the lion’s den. I realised that if I allowed the fears to become my master, then I wouldn’t make it halfway across the car park before walking quickly back to my car and hurriedly driving home. So I cleared my mind as I walked by studying everything along the way.

The final top tarmac surface of the car park had only recently been laid. The two minutes taken to reach the entry door to the block allowed me to savour the smell it gave off as it dried in the sunshine. A faint steaming arose as the rain from earlier returned to the skies above, as is Nature’s way. The oily tang to the air added a sharpness that would otherwise have been missing, and it helped me to avoid thoughts on what might occur in no more than a few minutes.

Accessing the lobby through the door required me to announce my arrival through the wall-mounted intercom. This brought my mind back to what had been bothering me as it struck me that my prospective in-laws would then be aware of my imminent arrival and thus be better prepared than I. My imagination had them making final preparations and agreeing probing questions designed to both learn about who was intending to become part of their daughter’s life, and to trip me up in order to determine my dark secrets. Hopefully the gloriously bright picture of me that she had painted would assuage the results of their interrogation.

Then it crossed my mind that maybe she had done the opposite in order that her parents be wildly impressed by my amazingly fantastic character and personal qualities as opposed to the poor image she had foisted upon them during my hour-long drive to what was very likely to be my fall from polite society and into the gutter of rejected souls.

I hesitated before pressing the button to speak: the dull silver of the brushed stainless steel box housing it contrasted with its polished shine. The wisdom of making the only smooth and unblemished part of an object that was touched all day long by various members of the public, became the most immediate question in my mind. Smear-marks showed alarmingly clearly. Fingerprints would present themselves to anyone who gave it a passing glance. It would require constant cleaning.

No, it was merely a distraction. All it needed right at this moment was for my finger to touch it then press it into the box on the wall that held it. Then I would speak and ask for the entry door to be opened so that I could make my way up to the top floor and meet my doom; my future; my future doom?

A cheery voice greeted me with an equally cheery salutation, and there was a buzzing sound and a click as the door was released from the magnetic lock that secured it against travelling shoe salesmen, and their ilk.

My ascent up the flights of stairs was akin to the walk of the man on his way to the gallows.

  Blog for Blog's Sake
Thursday 2 August, 2018

The original idea around writing a blog was to keep my brain thinking ‘words’ and my hands typing them. It was to maintain momentum and keep things consistent with respect to writing.

Then I picked up some additional commissions and my time evaporated like the mist in a badly-written romantic novel.

However, yesterday I was sat outside a grand old stately home, desperately seeking a mobile phone signal in an attempt to be able to email off pieces to various editors once they were finished. With no mobile connection to be had, threw myself at the feet of a member of staff and begged them to allow me to access their Wi-Fi network long enough to send the work once it was completed.

When I say ‘begged’ I mean I asked politely, and by ‘threw’ I am referring to my raising of a single eyebrow in an enquiring manner – I finished up with no holes in my jeans, nor grazes upon my hands.

They were very kind and gave me that access. Unfortunately, due to the construction of the buildings, I found myself having to stand with my laptop above my head as I stood under the window to the administration office in which the Wi-Fi hub was housed.

My arms started to ache after a very short time so I fished about for another way. I decided to instead complete absolutely everything and, during my drive home near the end of the working day, stop off on the way to connect my laptop through my mobile phone and email the lot.

It was a plan, and plans help the writing mind to focus on writing as opposed to fire-fighting.

It was as I began to polish each piece to a shine worthy of a bright star, I spotted a Wi-Fi connection I hadn’t noticed before, having just switched my working position so as to remain within shadow and maintain visibility of my laptop screen.

It was the work of but a few moments to connect and ‘borrow’ some bandwidth, but once I had accessed the Internet, five items of a written nature winged their way to those with an interest in receiving the stuff that spews from my head.

In addition, my book, or at least the final draft, is finished. It is subject to having a third-party, or two, read through it, so a word or three may be added or taken away, but at the moment I have no involvement with it. So here I am – returning to my Blog so that my fingers do not seize up due to inactivity.

I can tell you are all glad.