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Up or Down?
Monday 8 April, 2024

Mmm, website down “www.zakspade.com refused to connect”. However, if I access it away from home, all is good. Hence, I reckon y’all are reading these words

Hosting support told me the IP on my server is blocked. What? The IP of the server? Can’t be, surely? I’d not be able to access it via connections other than home otherwise. So, my home IP is blocked? Except, I can FTP files up and down to the server. From home. Again, hence you are reading these words.


How Many Times?
Thursday 4 April, 2024

Mature student. University while paying a mortgage. It meant study was something serious because I didn’t want to be wasting the effort.

Next: a local housing association printed up all their literature with the two middle digits of their phone number reversed. Or, to put it another way: they used MY home number.

Studying at home – day after day – calls for broken door locks, windows, leaking pipes... One woman tried to tell me she had the correct number and that I really was the housing association – and that was after I had told her about the phone number mix up. Basically, she called me a liar.

I apologised (why? Dunno) and hung up. A few minutes later as I was working my way through a study text, another phone call. That Woman. Again, she told me she had checked the number and I was wrong – I am that housing association. Clarification: whoever mixed the middle two digits did so on everything. Despite my tale, she insisted I was wrong and that I will put her through to Mr/Mrs/Ms Whoever.

Words to the effect of sorry, no can do, and I hung up.

Yes – she called back. This time she was really nasty and threatened me and my employment (what employment? I was a student). She was rather fruity in her language, so I decided to stop her once and for all. I yelled at her and turned the air bluer that she had managed. I told her in no uncertain terms that if she called me again, I would track her down and make her sorry she had ever called me. My phone went down.

A few minutes later, another call. Another woman, but this time some 'high-up' from that housing association. She berated me and told me to be more polite to those who called me in error and supply the housing association's correct number (like the first time when that stupid woman had called!)

As you, dear reader, might imagine, I was just as impolite and direct as I had been with the argumentative woman and added, rather forcefully, that if they print MY phone number in error, they are going to reap the rewards of their incompetence. And that is a promise.

Oddly enough, they reprinted everything as within a week the calls petered out...

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Deaf on Purpose?
Tuesday 26 March, 2024

I have a beagle. There, I’ve said it. The fact is out there.

Said beagle is pushing on in years. He is no longer the deep tricolour hues to be seen in photographs of classic beagles. To say his coat is rather faded is like claiming Father Christmas’ beard is beginning to lose a little colour.

With age has come real deafness. Real? Well, not total, but enough to have me relying upon hand signals. In the past he would go ‘deaf’ whenever his nose came within a foot of anything interesting in terms of scent. Nowadays, his deafness occurs regardless of smells.

I must look pretty silly late at night in my back garden as I wave my arms about to catch his attention so as to be able to issue a Come inside command with my hands. Still, better than shouting at the top of my voice when most of my neighbours are in bed.

But not as satisfying…

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